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For tyre manufacturers

Tyre manufacturers benefit from being relieved of the physical and administrative responsibilities associated with dismounted tyres. This is one of the most important reasons why tyre manufacturers work with Casing Monitor. Using a fixed, independent partner to collect casings creates transparency, clarity and trust, and avoids unnecessary disputes with fleet customers and tyre specialists.

Comprehensive inspection reports, 56 inspection codes

When you sign up for Casing Monitor, you receive a unique login code for our online database. This contains all data on the casings collected from your customers. An extensive inspection report is available for each casing. This report states whether the tyre has been approved or rejected, and contains a comprehensive specification based on 56 inspection codes. With the help of photos, we provide insight into the probable cause of the damage.

Under guarantee?

Casing Monitor's online database contains all the information you need on each dismounted tyre to determine conclusively whether warranty conditions apply.

How you benefit

  • Tyre collection throughout the Benelux
  • Inspection reports available online within 24 hours
  • 24/7 online insight into the dismounted tyres
  • View tyre claims
  • View tyre contracts
  • Financial overview

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