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Casing Monitor's five-box system

Casing Monitor works exclusively with well-trained, highly experienced and 100% independent inspectors. After arrival at the certification company's central collection point, the dismounted tyres are inspected thoroughly. Based on the results, they are placed in a certain box. It works as follows:

Box 1

Tyres with a tread depth of less than 3 mm and the correct mileage are put in this box.

Box 2

Undamaged tyres with a tread depth of more than 3 mm that have been dismounted too early are put in this box.

Benefit: extra control over the tyre specialist's tasks, more mileage per tyre.

Box 3

This box contains damaged tyres with more than 3 mm tread depth.

Benefit: provides relevant information to the haulier on the type of damage, such as gouges/cuts, braking damage and nail holes. The haulier can then take appropriate action, such as instructing the driver, solving the vehicle problem, etc.

Box 3A

Tyres from box 3 suitable for repair are put in this box.

Benefit: extra control, prolonged tyre life.

Box 4

This box contains the tyres that are subject to warranty claims.

Benefit: the haulier receives compensation and the tyre manufacturer can use the data to improve quality.

Box 5

Tyres with heel damage due to improper dismounting are placed in this box.

Benefit: the haulier receives compensation. Extra control over the tyre specialist's tasks.

All relevant data available online 24/7

We store the data for each casing inspected in the Casing Monitor online database. This data can be used to make an objective and substantiated evaluation of the relevant tyre at any time. The online database contains the following information:

  • Tyre dimensions
  • Brand and type
  • Dismounting date
  • Previous mounting position
  • Name of haulier
  • Name of tyre specialist
  • Unique bar code
  • Serial number
  • Vehicle registration
  • Tread depth
  • Inspection result code
  • Photos of the tyre serial number and any damages found during the inspection
  • Comments by the tyre specialist, inspector and driver

How you benefit

  • Up to date
    Inspection reports available online within 24 hours.
  • Checkability
    All tyres in boxes 2 to 5 are available for inspection by interested parties for a certain period of time.
  • Privacy protection Each party receives a unique login code with specific authorisation to view personal data.
  • Efficiency
    All information is available online 24/7 and can easily be shared by e-mail, including accompanying photos.
  • Specialised & independent
    An independent, specialised inspection company evaluates all casings according to 56 inspection codes.
  • Personal
    The Casing Monitor platform responds to individual user requirements.
  • Control
    Casing Monitor offers all interested parties a reliable and transparent control system.
  • Automation
    Casing Monitor saves time, reduces your administration costs and avoids disputes.
  • After-service
    Casing Monitor helps you offer professional after-service to your customers.
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