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For hauliers

Continuity is of vital importance to hauliers. After all, time is money. If tyres are damaged, it's imperative to get back on the road as quickly as possible. At the same time, it's important to handle dismounted tyres with care and get a clear picture of the causes of tyre damage. This information can help you to prevent future damage, increase the performance of your tyres, claim damages, and substantiate warranty claims.

Comprehensive inspection reports, 56 inspection codes

When you sign up for Casing Monitor, you receive a unique login code. This gives you access to our online database, which contains all the data on the casings you have dispensed of. An extensive inspection report is available for each casing. In this report, you can read whether the tyre has been approved or rejected. In addition, you'll find a comprehensive specification based on 56 inspection codes. With the help of photos, we provide insight into the probable cause of the damage.

Anticipate common types of damage

The information from Casing Monitor's online database gives you clear insight into the most common types of damage. This enables you to avoid common types of damage and reduce costs.

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How you benefit

  • Tyre collection throughout the Benelux
  • Inspection reports available online within 24 hours
  • 24/7 online insight into dismounted tyres
  • Insight into the most common causes of damage
  • Lost millimetre tyre check
  • Inspection of tyre tread after dismounting
  • Inspection of dismounted tyres
  • Financial overview

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