Casing Monitor: the leading independent tyre casing management system that ensures there are no disputes!


Are you a haulier, service provider or tyre manufacturer?

Do you want
  • a system that combines the collection of commercial vehicle, agricultural and earthmover tyres with a professional independent inspection of each casing?
  • to know at any moment where you removed tyres are?
  • to have an easy-reference inspection report of every casing, including detailed pictures?
  • to know if your tyres have been removed correctly and not prematurely?
  • a clear insight of how potential damages to the tyre have originated?
  • to save time and avoid discussions?
Then choose Casing Monitor. A system to enter the unique data relating to the tyres into an online database even before the tyres are transported to the test centre. By combining the objective inspection data with the results of the assessment, that are online within 24 hours, the Casing Monitor system ensures that you have a clear understanding of the tyre's condition.