Even more advantages of Casing Monitor

• Up-to-date:
Following the inspection, the Casing Monitor report can be viewed on-line within 24 hours.

• Verifiable:
All tyres in boxes 2 to 5 are stored for a certain period of time, allowing the interested parties to perform an inspection if required.

• Privacy guaranteed:
Each party receives a unique log-in code with which all personal details can be viewed.

• Effective:
Information about the casing, including the detailed photographs, can immediately be sent by e-mail. This enables the relevant parties to make an objective judgement about the casing and this also saves time. This can be useful should any questions arise about the casing.

• Specialised:
The casings are assessed by an independent, specialised inspection company. At Casing Monitor, 60 different inspection codes are used in order to ensure that the inspection reports that are supplied are as accurate and detailed as possible.

• Personal:
All customers have their own requirements and wishes. The Casing Monitor system provides an optimum solution for this.

• Control:
Casing Monitor offers all interested parties an exceptional control system

• Automation:
The online Casing Monitor system not only reduces administration costs, but time is also saved and disputes are avoided

• After-sales service for the customer:
The Casing Monitor system offers the customer a professional and reliable After-sales Service